#17 - Nurses Support Their Young
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This week is all about nurses eating their young, and why instead nurses should SUPPORT their young. BRETT IS BACK! My favorite thing this week, besides recording with my husband again, is the Velocicoaster at Universal Orlando. The Florida rain was not going to stop me from getting on this ride. There were a lot of twists and turns, it was intense! Then, we read some stories submitted by listeners about bullying they’ve experienced in nursing. If you’re not getting the support you need in nursing school, find a different program. If you’re working in a toxic environment, find a different nursing job. There are supportive programs and nursing jobs out there, and you deserve to be treated fairly. It is a real problem, and it takes active effort to change the culture of bullying in nursing. I go over a study on nurse bullying called “Our Own Worst Enemies”, published in 2019. We go over the different bully archetypes presented in the article, and how we can counteract these behaviors. https://journals.lww.com/naqjournal/fulltext/2019/07000/our_own_worst_enemies__the_nurse_bullying_epidemic.12.aspx I also play “How Well Do You Know Me?” with my husband to test our knowledge of each other as a couple. We try our best not to bully each other along the way! To wrap up the nurse bullying conversation, I break down strategies you can use to address nurse bullying. Shoutout to the awesome and supportive leaders in nursing that help maintain a healthy work environment. To close out we read shoutouts submitted on my website nurseblake.com/podcast. Each week we will take on a new nursing topic and bring up questions and stories submitted by our listeners. I’M GOING ON TOUR! TICKETS ON SALE NOW  https:/nurseblake.com/ Become a member of NurseCon, the ultimate nursing organization! https://www.nursecon.com/ SUPPORT THE PODCAST BY SUBSCRIBING Thanks for listening!
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