#22 - My 1st Nursing Job
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I’m talking about my very first nursing job for this episode! As usual I have to start with my favorite thing this week- my ice beanie. If you run hot like me, this is a game changer y’all. I’m excited about my tour kicking off in less than a month! There might be a big surprise at one of my shows, and I tell my husband Brett all about it. I’m also talking about NurseCon, which is now available on the App store! It’s free to sign up, and you can get your CNEs for FREE. Before I dive into my first nursing job story, I answer some Dear Blake questions for new grads. Some things you’ll just have to shake off, but in some circumstances it is the right thing to do to leave your new job. I had my first nursing job in Greenville, SC at a level one trauma center. I get into the residency program, starting on the night shift, and bonding with my unit and patients. My biggest piece of advice is to remember to have fun! Remember why you wanted to be a nurse in the first place, because it will all feel overwhelming at first. You got this! Brett and I also play “Favorite and Least Favorite”, from jobs, to classes in school, and I even reveal a big change to my coffee choices during the game! To close out we read shoutouts submitted on my website nurseblake.com/podcast. Each week we will take on a new nursing topic and bring up questions and stories submitted by our listeners. Tickets for my comedy show are on sale NOW! https:/nurseblake.com/ Become a member of NurseCon, the ultimate nursing organization! https://www.nursecon.com/ SUPPORT THE PODCAST BY SUBSCRIBING Thanks for listening!
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Published 01/06/22