#30 - Travel Nursing
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Happy Thursday! This week, I’m with my husband Brett (with two T’s) and we’re talking all about travel nursing. I’m also going over some super sweet reviews you all have sent in about my comedy tour. I have a few favorite things this week- one important one being food delivery services. Tip your drivers! My other favorite thing is going on TikTok and sending sunglasses on live. If you’re confused, don’t worry I will explain. Travel nursing is always a hot topic, so I’m breaking down all the ins and outs. Travel nurses have the opportunity to earn a much higher income than staff nurses, but that can cause tension between staff and travel nurses. It’s important to stick together, because nurses are in demand and patients need us. Is travel nursing for you? Then, Brett and I take a quiz to find out which types of travelers we are! I’m almost halfway through my PTO Comedy Tour, and I’m going over some reviews of the show. Email Netflix about getting me a comedy special! Thank you to everyone who has come out, I love you all! To close out I’m reading shoutouts submitted on my website nurseblake.com/podcast. Each week we will take on a new nursing topic and bring up questions and stories submitted by our listeners. Tickets for my comedy show are on sale NOW! https:/nurseblake.com/ Enter for a chance to win through the free NurseCon app, the ultimate nursing organization! https://www.nursecon.com/ SUPPORT THE PODCAST BY SUBSCRIBING Thanks for listening!
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Published 06/02/22
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Published 01/06/22