The Stupid Things we do for Trout, with Doug Thompson
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Todays guest might make you mad. If you’re a trout angler he will certainly make you feel uncomfortable. Doug Thompson [37:29] is the author of The Quest for the Golden Trout, and the book is not what you think it might be from the title. He is a professor in geoscience and environmental studies and does research in geomorphology and hydrology. In examining critically what we do to ensure trout fishing, Douglas Thompson gores some sacred cows, including our obsession with stocking trout, non-native species we introduce, the way we manipulate the physical structure of rivers to benefit trout, and even the fishing tackle industry itself. You might think this book would make me angry, but it’s carefully researched and argued and has made me look differently at the structure of our entire trout-fishing industry. In the Fly Box this week, we have some great questions and tips, including: How do I repair an exposed thread and a bent ferrule on my bamboo fly rod? How do I know when it's time to replace my sinking line? How can I distinguish between weighted and unweighted flies? Do people fish for walleye and American shad with a fly rod? If so how do they do it? Why do I foul hook fish when fishing with two nymphs? Which floating line is best with my 10-foot 3-weight Clearwater? Do you have some tips for casting with a sinking line? A tip on feeling better about getting skunked A story about why we should always debarb our hooks What does Tom do when he is in a slump?
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Published 05/13/22
Published 05/13/22