For the next hour we talk about mindful entrepreneurship and obtaining a sense of freedom from your career, life before The Happy Pear, feeding the business beast and silencing your ego, while having conscious capitalism as Steve beautifully articulates. I ask what it's really like to pump out daily health and happiness on social media, how small changes make a real difference, availing of mother earth, sea swimming, and how connection is what matters most.
Published 01/12/20
I wanted to chat to Keith about unlocking the power of the mind, going into super activity mode, the science behind hypnosis, shrinking the negative in your life and having a cast iron mindset. We also touch on subjects like the subconscious mind, having a hypo birth, the dangers behind his show stunts and hacking into Morgan Freeman’s brain.
Published 12/29/19
On today's show I discuss the real life stress you don't see on social media; my recent melt down, feeling overwhelmed and dealing with comparison. I wanted to sit down and have a chat about two of the most common topics that I'm regularly asked about through social media. I run through a variety of your anonymous questions about body image and break ups. Getting to a state of body neutrality; learning to love the body you have today, realising you have the power to change it if you're truly...
Published 12/15/19
This remarkable woman is everything The Other Side Of Perfect is about because, she’s not defined by her struggle, instead her strength. In this episode we discuss in detail, what it’s like living with EB, life outside the condition, the incredible people Emma has met on her journey, and why fundraising is so important.
Published 10/14/19
Síle opens up about her journey with cancer and recovery, a marriage breakdown, miscarriage and motherhood. We talk about acceptance, non judgement, finding your true self, how negativity can be the catalyst for change, femininity and breathwork.
Published 10/06/19
We chat growing a business from the kitchen table to a company of 16, dealing with grief, managing a team and lots of your frequently asked skincare questions from adult acne to anti ageing.
Published 09/22/19
Over the next hour we chat about finding flow, traveling solo, the positives about being single in your 30’s and removing societal pressure. We also touch on dating apps and Tinder terrors, so grab a cuppa, sit back and enjoy!
Published 09/04/19
I think this conversation will really benefit those of you struggling with self doubt or if you’re looking to upgrade your career, or personal life. We discuss dealing with failure and insecurities, letting go of what others think about you and learning how to deal with, and benefit from constructive critique.
Published 08/20/19
Caroline takes us on a journey from her OCD diagnosis to CBT training, and we cover mental health topics including anxiety, trauma, PTSD, relationship abuse and removing the stigma around seeking help and getting therapy.
Published 08/07/19
Trisha takes us on her journey from being morbidly obese, in the depths of depression to learning to love herself enough to change her life forever. This uplifting and inspiring episode explains how someone fighting an incredibly difficult internal battle, can master that reset button, start again, and beat the bulge for good.
Published 07/23/19
This episode delves into the world of being an athlete in a male dominated industry, traveling around the world without your parents from such a young age, the pros and cons of a competitive streak, proving people wrong, and dealing with negative thoughts. We also cover Laura’s journey battling and recovering from bulimia, social anxiety, being your best self, and the reality behind reality tv.
Published 07/08/19
Sinead discusses curvy modelling and how, if the jeans don’t fit you just need to buy bigger jeans, packing your bag full of confidence on holidays, and loving the skin you’re in. Sinead and I also also delve into you dating questions.
Published 06/26/19
In this episode we cover the importance of good hairdressing, avoiding drama online, how CBT can benefit your business, how Sabrinas's own mental health manifests, being an influencer, my hairloss journey, and a no b******t holistic approach to handling it.
Published 06/16/19
Brian discusses how to utilise peak productivity and offers incredible insight into improving your mindset motivation. We also discuss the impact social media and vanity can have on your mental health and how body image and dysmorphia can affect men and women
Published 06/02/19
Joanne explains what led her to start this podcast, and hopes that by opening up herself, it will help listeners understand her stance in future interviews with upcoming guests.
Published 05/26/19
Published 05/17/19