ELECTION BONUS: Less than a week and counting
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The Liberal Party held its official campaign launch in Melbourne over the weekend - on Mother's Day. The main areas of focus seemed to be on Scott Morrison, and also the dangers of the Labor Party. The PM announced a major scheme to help younger Australians buy a first home. But within hours, Labor has matched it. Has a campaign fight over housing affordability been neutralised?
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It wasn't the result many were expecting and there's a lot of soul-searching going on in the aftermath of election day. Why did opinion polls get it wrong? What did the Coalition do right? What next for energy policy in Australia? And what's next for the Labor Party? Fran and PK break it all...
Published 05/20/19
Former Prime Minister and Labor giant Bob Hawke has died at the age of 89. As the country grapples with the news, federal election campaigning has effectively halted on the eve of the big day. You know Barrie Cassidy as host of ABC Insiders, but before that he worked as Bob Hawke's senior press...
Published 05/17/19
With only days to go until the election, undecided voters are making up their minds and getting ready for Saturday. But before the big day arrives, Fran and PK travelled to the nation's capital to reflect on the campaign. What do they think were the biggest moments? And who do they think will...
Published 05/15/19