ELECTION BONUS: Less than a week and counting
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The Liberal Party held its official campaign launch in Melbourne over the weekend - on Mother's Day. The main areas of focus seemed to be on Scott Morrison, and also the dangers of the Labor Party. The PM announced a major scheme to help younger Australians buy a first home. But within hours, Labor has matched it. Has a campaign fight over housing affordability been neutralised?
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Published 08/15/19
It's the last week before politicians depart for a winter break. The Government wanted to concentrate on its so-called union-busting bill, but pressure over Newstart and the Crown Casino saga broke into the political news cycle. And the Liberal Party's treatment of women has resurfaced as a key...
Published 08/01/19
Politicians are back in the nation's capital this week, and the Government has had a win on its drought fund and is expecting a win on its national security legislation. On both issues, they've attempted to wedge Labor, by painting them as the enemy of the people. David Crowe, chief political...
Published 07/25/19