That's a really good question!
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On The Party Room this week, Fran and PK wonder what the Government is up to on climate change. A possible new climate policy has been reported in the papers, but the PM is refusing to say if it's actually a thing. Sydney Morning Herald political and international editor Peter Hartcher joins them to offer his two cents on how he reckons China has played Australia on Coronavirus. And why do politicians always say "that's a really good question"? Are they just being polite or is there another reason?
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As coronavirus restrictions continue to leave thousands of Australians out of work, the Federal Government is racing to keep up with the virus and #flattenthecurve.
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Panic buying, event cancellations and looking down the barrel of recession. With the coronavirus putting strain on the community, this health crisis is going to cause serious political and economic problems. Political editor of the Sunday News Corp papers Annika Smethurst joins PK and guest...
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How does the Morrison Government's $17.6 billion stimulus package affect you? Is it the shot in the arm our economy needs to survive coronavirus and a recession? While the Prime Minister danced around what the pandemic means for the promised Budget surplus, it now seems unlikely. Editor of...
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