In today’s interview, the first in a two-part series, my friend and colleague Dan Palmer of Making Permaculture Stronger, gives me a sense of vicarious joy to share with you, as he’s done something that’s on my list of dream podcast experiences. Dan sits down face-to-face with David Holmgren at Melliodora and together they have […] The post David Holmgren’s Design Journey (Part 1) appeared first on The Permaculture Podcast.
Published 07/31/21
With the release of this episode, the podcast is back to full-time production. In this episode I’m joined by Hannah Eckberg, to discuss what she’s been up to since we last spoke in 2017, and her work with Abundant Earth Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, to move philanthropic resources and support to permaculture projects around the […] The post Hannah Eckberg & Abundant Earth Foundation appeared first on The Permaculture Podcast.
Published 07/23/21
In this episode co-host David Bilbrey sits down again with Martin Ping. Martin is the executive director of Hawthorne Valley Association, a non-profit whose mission is social and cultural renewal through the integration of education, agriculture, and the arts. Today’s discussion is one of social permaculture: how to engage hearts, minds, and consciousness during this […] The post Social Permaculture: Raising Up Resilience with Martin Ping appeared first on The Permaculture Podcast.
Published 05/29/21
This episode is a re-release of a conversation that was originally shared as a bonus episode on Patreon back in 2016 after co-host David Bilbrey attended the Prairie Festival and had a chance to talk to Martin Ping of Hawthorne Valley Association. I’m releasing this again to everyone as an introduction to Martin’s work and […] The post An Introduction to Martin Ping and Hawthorne Valley Association appeared first on The Permaculture Podcast.
Published 05/09/21
In today’s episode, co-host David Bilbrey continues his exploration of business and permaculture as he sits down to hear from Mark Simpson about how Mark applied the ideas of Holacracy and Self Management to a hierarchical business. This resulted in a flattening of that vertical organization into a vastly more horizontal one that creates empowerment […] The post Holacracy and Self-Management – Mark Simpson appeared first on The Permaculture Podcast.
Published 03/13/21
As you read these notes or listen to the accompanying podcast, I’m on a sabbatical. With all these years of producing long interviews, I need to take some time to experiment with new ideas, while reading, writing, and exploring what working with permaculture means. What do our practices look like in a world substantially changed […] The post Sabbatical appeared first on The Permaculture Podcast.
Published 01/15/21
Today I’m joined by my friend Joshua Hughes as he shares the continued work of the team he’s a part of to create a jungle to marketplace supply chain with the launch of Rewild Organics. Become a Patreon of The Permaculture Podcast Starting with farms like VerdEnergia and surrounding neighbors, and the protection and investment […] The post Creating a Regenerative Supply Chain – Rewild Organics | Joshua Hughes appeared first on The Permaculture Podcast.
Published 12/21/20
The episode with Jeff Speck left me curious about what the details Jeff mentioned look like in practice. I followed up that conversation by sitting down with my guest for this episode, Steve Nygren, founder of Serenbe. Visit Our Partner: Building a Better WorldJoin The Permaculture Podcast Patreon Community Serenbe is a model community located […] The post Sustainable Suburbs – Serenbe | Steve Nygren appeared first on The Permaculture Podcast.
Published 12/13/20
We live in a world that seems ever more chaotic and outside of our control. From a global pandemic that is unlikely to be the only one we experience in our lifetimes to devastating natural disasters exacerbated by climate change that leads to weather weirding and chaos beyond our ability to properly map and mitigate. […] The post Embracing Hope | Bonita Ford appeared first on The Permaculture Podcast.
Published 11/21/20
Seafood represents the largest traded food commodity market in the world. 3 billion people depend on fish and other farmed or wild-caught foods as a source of protein, according to figures from the World Wildlife Fund. Regretfully, the majority of fish stocks are not sustainable, as they are overfished or fully exploited. Seeking sustainable and […] The post An Introduction to Aquaponics | Jonathan Martinetto appeared first on The Permaculture Podcast.
Published 11/14/20
During our lifetime we will encounter a variety of short to long-term disasters. The form the problem takes will vary depending on where we live, and how widespread the incident is that occurs. In late 2019 and throughout 2020, we’ve all been finding ways to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. More regular and localized are […] The post Designing for Disasters: Understanding and Mitigating Wildfires | Matt Fidler appeared first on The Permaculture Podcast.
Published 11/07/20
In the United States alone, more than 38 million tons of food is thrown away every year. 94% of that winds up in landfills, to rot and release methane, and lock all the nutrients from being returned to Earth for future fertilization. Visit our Sponsor: Building a Better World in Your Backyard As permaculture practitioners, […] The post Reducing Food Waste: An Introduction to Bokashi – Matt Arthur appeared first on The Permaculture Podcast.
Published 10/31/20
Every month I post an Ask Me Anything Thread over on the Patreon for the podcast at Patreon.com/permaculturepodcast. Most of the time these threads are about design and plants, like the best time to transplant Elderberry. Sometimes we get away from permaculture and a question will come up like, What is my favorite Halloween Candy? […] The post Racism and Land Access in America appeared first on The Permaculture Podcast.
Published 10/24/20
The title for this episode is based on a quote from Bill Mollison that my guest, Geoff Christou, paraphrases in the middle of our conversation today about how Utopian literature, the need to imagine the future, and sharing that vision with others through stories, can help our work as permaculture practitioners. That we can create […] The post We are Time Scouts, Designing for the Future | Geoff Christou appeared first on The Permaculture Podcast.
Published 10/17/20
This episode marks 10 years of The Permaculture Podcast with Scott Mann, the longest-running English language podcast dedicated to the breadth and depth of permaculture. To celebrate a decade of the show, the following interview is a personal one for me. In 2015, I interviewed Taj Scicluna, The Perma Pixie, and the two conversations we […] The post Passion in Practice: Resilience, Transformation, and Radical Self-Care appeared first on The Permaculture Podcast.
Published 10/10/20
A common refrain in permaculture is about our need to develop a sense of place. To have an understanding of where we currently live, where we come from, and to find a connection to the land under our feet or where we call home. For those of us within the anglosphere, we have a Nation […] The post Gayogohono Revitalization: Native Plants, Language, and People appeared first on The Permaculture Podcast.
Published 09/28/20
Permaculture practices begin in the landscape, with the training of a permaculture design course focusing on how to design in a way that restores soil, grows food and creates spaces for human needs, and cares for Earth, in ever-expanding zones. During our time in that class, we may spend some of the conversations on alternative […] The post Building a Better World in Your Backyard | Shawn Klassen-Koop appeared first on The Permaculture Podcast.
Published 09/25/20
When I left my permaculture design course I was fairly comfortable walking the landscape and looking for areas of shade or full sun, and tracking how that would change throughout the day. To walk barefoot after a brief rain to feel where the soil drained quickly or to find spots where water pooled, even if […] The post Designing for Clients: From Consultation to Implementation | Owen Wormser appeared first on The Permaculture Podcast.
Published 09/18/20
My guest today is Nigel Palmer, author of The Regenerative Grower’s Guide to Garden Amendments. In our conversation, which begins with his biography, he shares his inspiration from the work of John Kempf and Dan Kittredge, along with the JADAM Korean farming method, to create garden amendments at home from hyper-local sources: eggshells and bones […] The post DIY Garden Amendments | Nigel Palmer appeared first on The Permaculture Podcast.
Published 09/12/20
My guest today is Allen Clements, a permaculture practitioner who, when we recorded this interview in January, 2020, was completing his certification in Biodynamic Agriculture at the Pfeiffer Center in Spring Valley, New York. I’ve been intrigued by biodynamic agriculture as a farming practice since first hearing about the growth of biodynamic wineries in Sonoma […] The post An Introduction to Biodynamic Agriculture | Allen Clements appeared first on The Permaculture Podcast.
Published 09/05/20
Today’s interview was originally recorded by the Australian podcaster Dan Palmer for an episode of his excellent, Making Permaculture Stronger. I’ve known Dan since before he started his show and as I recall it was at 1 or 2 AM on the East Coast of the United States when we connected over Skype several years […] The post Managing Complexity | Holistic Management with Allan Savory appeared first on The Permaculture Podcast.
Published 08/29/20
My guest today is John Kempf, the author of the recently released Quality Agriculture.  A farmer, teacher, and entrepreneur from Northeast, Ohio, John has spent more than 15 years developing a nutrition and farm management program that quickly restores soil health and maximizes plant resistance to disease and insects, while reducing costs and increasing profits […] The post Improving Broadscale Agriculture | John Kempf appeared first on The Permaculture Podcast.
Published 08/08/20
My guest today is Laura Oldanie, a permaculture practitioner and the author behind the website Rich and Resilient Living, which focuses on how we can live a life and make financial decisions that lead to a regenerative future. Laura joins me as a sort of continuation of the conversation with Erin Axelrod, but focusing on […] The post Permaculture Values and Impact Investing | Laura Oldanie appeared first on The Permaculture Podcast.
Published 08/01/20
My guest today is Owen Wormser. Owen is a sustainable landscape designer from Western Massachusetts and author of Lawns into Meadows: Growing a Regenerative Landscape, from Stonepier Press. This specialty in landscapes forms our conversation today as we discuss his design process of creating meadows. This includes: – Using nurse crops for establishing a meadow.– […]
Published 07/25/20
My guest today is Jeff Speck. Jeff is the author of Walkable City and Walkable City Rules. As an urban planner and city designer he specializes in, and advocates for, human modes of transportation: first and foremost walking, but also biking. Become a Patreon SupporterBuy the Show a Cup of Coffee Using years of research […]
Published 07/18/20