PBM Transparency
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JC Scott talks with Julie Goon, Senior Vice President of Public Affairs for Anthem, Inc., and Tim Dube, PCMA’s Vice President of Regulatory Affairs. Together, they discuss good versus bad transparency, how transparency has evolved in healthcare, how it can empower the consumer to have more control over the prices they pay through evolved technology, and which transparency rules decrease prescription drug prices, and which rules actually increase prices.
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Published 11/04/21
Today, spending on biologic drugs makes up 43% of total drug spending. This is a growing area of new innovation for a multitude of therapeutic areas, and also an area of growing cost. To increase the use of biosimilars, strategies must be implemented to focus on biologics and drive cost-savings....
Published 09/07/21
To stop significant increases in drug pricing, greater competition is needed in the drug manufacturing industry. To analyze the role public policy plays in this challenge, host JC Scott talks with Lauren Aronson, health policy expert and Executive Director of the Campaign for Sustainable Rx Drug...
Published 07/01/21