#36: ERAU Pilot waits 2years for Special Issuance/The realities behind taking an FAA approved SSRI.
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Our guest this week has requested to remain anonymous… throughout the episode you will hear us refer to him as Goose; Goose was a instrument rated private pilot working towards his commercial license when he started experiencing the symptoms of an anxiety attack. The stress of flight school and two jobs began to add up, that is when he sought help. Upon further investigation, Goose was diagnosed and prescribed one of the four SSRIs approved by the FAA. He has spent the past two years patiently waiting for a response from the FAA about his special issuance and after 24 grueling months he finally has an answer. Listen to find out if this young pilot gets his wings back. SOCIAL LINKS- Instagram: https://Instagram.com/thepilotspandemic https://instagram.com/emneonicon https://Instagram.com/thefitaviatrix Link for aeromedical reform petition: https://www.change.org/apilotspandemic WEBSITE: https://msha.ke/thepilotspandemic/ --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thepilotspandemic/support
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