New Co-host/fake safety organizations/PAX rage/does your union really care?
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Emma went MIA but she’s back with a new addition to the pod, Maddie Miller. Maddie is a Aero-med reform advocate, aviation wellness expert, pilots wife and former airline employee. On this weeks episode we discuss the following. -how Maddie started down aeromedical reform path - her naivety in thinking safety orgs were going to follow through on safety risks - Union talks with MEC heads & lawyers for job action -AMAS claims of wanting to help pilots with special issuances -the facade the aviation industry puts up around mental health for pilots -Emma’s FA Gma takes a tumble on some cobble stone & pops had anxiety over the association of devils lettuce -Cash Prize Incentives for Human Rights for Pilots Petition Links for everything: Instagram: @emneonicon/@thefitaviatrix Link for petition: --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
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