17. Reconnecting with Your Landscape, Backyard Foraging & the Missing Piece in Health with Jain Alcock-White
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Do you feel connected to your environment? Why or why not? Have you been told that this could be a vital missing piece in your health journey? Well, Jain Alcock-White is here to show you why it might be, and how getting familiar with your landscape, utilizing plants in your backyard to heal and reconnecting with nature might be the missing links you've been searching for. In this episode of the podcast, Jain and I chat about how to get into foraging, how certain plants can help certain imbalances, and we even chat about how certain herbs can transform your gut. Champagne Hill Botanicals Website: https://www.champagnehillbotanicals.ca/ Instagram: http://instagram.com/champagne.hill.botanicals Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChampagneHillBotanicals ________ Join the Plant Based Solution Facebook Group: www.facebook.com/groups/thepbsolution Follow Roslyn on Instagram: www.instagram.com/plantsfirstnutrition Plants First Website: www.plantsfirst.ca
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