20. What Does a Perfect Poop 💩 Look Like?
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Most of us grow up thinking that poop is a taboo subject—that we shouldn't dare talk about it. That it's gross, and not something you EVER bring up at the dinner table. The problem is, when we grow up with these beliefs, we often miss out on what's going on inside our body and in our overall gut health. If you poop and flush without ever looking in the toilet, then you're missing out on some of the most important information of your health, and quite frankly, that's a problem. Your daily (hopefully) bowel movement is a GOLD MINE. It's a window into your microbiome, and if I've learned one thing working as a gut health Holistic Nutritionist, it's that your microbiome is at the epicentre of health. So that begs the question, what does a perfect poop even look like? What does a crappy (pun intended) poop look like? What are some of the warning signs that things have gone wrong? In today's episode, we're breaking ALL the "bathroom talk" rules and diving straight into the goods (not literally). Join the Plant Based Solution Facebook Group: www.facebook.com/groups/thepbsolution Follow Roslyn on Instagram: www.instagram.com/plantsfirstnutrition
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