25. Build a Healthy "Gut" Garden Through Neurological Chiropractic Care and Plant Based Eating with Dr. Christopher McLaine
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There's a massive disconnect between the care we receive in the conventional medicine model to address health ailments, and the care we actually need to heal and thrive. When you think of a Chiropractor, what do you think of? Aches, pains, adjustments? I did too. But after chatting with Dr. Chris McLaine about the foundations of his Chiropractic practice, my perspective of this type of care took a complete 180. Dr. McLaine is a TBI survivor, and when he went back to school at the age of 43 to become a neurologically based Chiropractic doctor, he set out on a mission to prevent as many people as possible from winding up in the health care "merry-go-round" that he did. In this episode of the podcast we talk about: - Dr. McLaine's story with a near death experience and a traumatic brain injury - Why a plant based diet is important for the nervous system and beyond - What the gut brain connection entails (we get into the juicy details) - Why his practice includes a variety of healing modalities - The incredible benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy - How to build a healthy "gut garden" - And more! You can find Dr. Chris McLaine here: https://youroptimalhealthchiropractor.com/dr-chris-mclaine/ __________________ Join the Healthy Gut Solution Facebook Group: www.facebook.com/groups/thehealthygutsolution Follow Roslyn on Instagram: www.instagram.com/plantsfirstnutrition
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