S3 Ep. 77: Blending Ancient Wisdom & Modern Science With Kanchan Koya
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In this episode, Bailey sits down with cookbook author, podcast host, and founder of Spice Spice Baby, Kanchan Koya. Growing up in India, her childhood was immersed with foods packed full with spices, and this lead to her to become a foodie at heart. When she was studying her doctorate in Molecular Biology at Harvard, she began to see the connection and science behind the health benefits of using culinary spices regularly and our overall health. To help spread her love and awareness for spices, Kanchan created Spice Spice Baby as a platform to help educate people about the health benefits of spices. The feedback was impressive and people from all over the world wanted to learn about the powers of the spice box. Throughout this interview, she shares her insight and expertise on holistic remedies for things such as bloating, anxiety, sugar cravings, and much more. Click now to listen! They chat about: Growing up around spices. Creating and running “Spice Spice Baby”. Connecting ancient wisdom with modern science. The link between spices and your health. Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. CCF Tea. Remedies for bloating and heart burn. Using more spices with kids. Curbing sugar cravings & sugar detoxing. Late night eating. Healing anxiety with spices. The importance of the gut and brain relationship. Slowing down the hustle. Reconnecting with ourselves & nature. And much more! This episode is friendly, educational, and encouraging. Click now to listen. Enjoy this Episode? Leave a comment on Apple Podcasts about your favorite part of the podcast! Help us spread this love! Don’t forget to share with a friend! We are excited to announce our upcoming free training on July 25th. Chef Bai went from 16 years of chronic pain with endometriosis to healing her symptoms and working with women across the globe to do the same, all thanks to the strategies and tools like cycle syncing, which we will go over in the free training. In this free training we will cover: What cycle syncing is and how to sync your lifestyle with each phase of your cycle (it’s a lot easier than you might think!) The most powerful foods for each phase of your cycle (food allergy friendly!) How to manage period pains with food and lifestyle (works with any budget) Simply go to www.chefbai.kitchen and right away there will be a pop up to sign up, then you’ll get the latest updates on this free training and our ever anticipated offer coming up in 2 weeks! Share this information with anyone you know who has painful periods and is looking for more resources on managing their symptoms. Sign up with the free pop up on my website. www.chefbai.kitchen When you sign up, you’ll also get a freebie download that is my “6 easy hacks that you can use through your food, to have a better, less painful period.” 100% free and my gift to the community! Want more info about Kanchan? Follow on Instagram @chiefspicemama Don’t forget to follow Chef Bai on IG and Tiktok @Chef_bai for more podcasts, recipes, wellness info, kitchen tips, and her best selling cookbook. “Cook. Heal. Go Vegan!”
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