S3 Ep. 78: Couples Q&A + A Huge Announcement With Bai & Steve
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ALERT!! ALERT!! BRAND NEW ANNOUNCEMENT AT THE END OF THE PODCAST!! CLICK NOW TO LISTEN!! In this episode, Bailey sits down with her husband, dog dad, and business partner, Steve Ruskus. This episode is a break from the usual line up of fantastic guests to bring you back into the world of Chef Bai and Steve. Since the last time they were together on the season finale in March 2022, a lot has happened. They dive briefly into their highs and lows for the summer, bike rides, and their newly adopted member of the family. (Hint- She’s cute and cuddly.) Together they hold a honest conversation about the world's current events and share their opinions on women’s rights, mental health, and having vulnerable conversations in all aspects of life. Before this episode, Bai gathered questions from her audience on TikTok & Instagram and held a Q&A for both Steve and herself. At the end the interview, they finally unveil their new upcoming announcement for their free training! They go over: Century Bike Rides. Highs & Lows Of Summer. Roe Vs Wade. Women’s Rights. Our Influence On Our Local Community. Having Vulnerable Conversations. Q & A With Steve. Blending Finances In Marriage. Mental Health. Syncing Your Cycle with Lifestyle. The Upcoming Free Training! www.chefbai.kitchen/training And much more! This episode is natural, fun, and frank. Click now to listen. Enjoy this Episode? Leave a comment on Apple Podcasts about your favorite part of the podcast! Help us spread this love! Don’t forget to share with a friend! We are excited to announce our upcoming free training available on demand on July 25th. Chef Bai went from 16 years of chronic pain with endometriosis to healing her symptoms and working with women across the globe to do the same, all thanks to the strategies and tools like cycle syncing, which we will go over in the free training. In this free training we will cover: What cycle syncing is and how to sync your lifestyle with each phase of your cycle (it’s a lot easier than you might think!) The most powerful foods for each phase of your cycle (food allergy friendly!) How to manage period pains with food and lifestyle (works with any budget) Simply go to www.chefbai.kitchen/training to sign up for the on demand FREE training available Monday, July 25th! Share this information with anyone you know who has painful periods and is looking for more resources on managing their symptoms. Sign up on my website. www.chefbai.kitchen/training Want more info about Chef Bai Or Steve? Follow on Instagram @chef_bai or @smilingsurfer. Don’t forget to follow Chef Bai on IG and Tiktok @Chef_bai for more podcasts, recipes, wellness info, kitchen tips, and her best selling cookbook. “Cook. Heal. Go Vegan!”
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