Special Report: Ed Glaser on How the World Remade Hollywood
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On this special episode Mike talks with Ed Glaser, host of the Deja View YouTube series and author of How the World Remade Hollywood: Global Interpretations of 65 Iconic Films from McFarland Books. It's a terrific book which looks at foreign interpretations of American films. Get your copy today at https://amzn.to/3vZJBSw
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Heather Drain and Kat Ellinger join Mike to discuss Billy Wilder’s Buddy Buddy (1981). The movie is yet another pairing of Walter Mathau and Jack Lemmon. This time they’re filling the shoes of Lino Ventura and Jacques Brel in this remake of Edouard Molinaro’s L'Emmerdeur. Matthau plays...
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On this special episode, Mike talks with director Neysan Sobhani about his feature film debut, Guidance (2021), a sci fi film shot in China about a new bit of technology that allows the user to know if someone is telling the truth or not. Find out more at https://www.guidancefilm.com/
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It's time to sine your pitty on the running kine with our episode all about Pootie Tang. Written and directed by (rightfully) disgraced comedian Louis CK, the film stars Lance Crouther as the titular Mr. Tang, a performer, poet, and potter who learns a lesson about himself and the evil corporate...
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