410 | What Happens Next? Market Reset, Rental Crisis and How To Solve It All! - Chat with Eleanor Creagh
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Want to know what’s actually going on with Australia’s anxiety-inducing rental crisis?   Or where the market is really heading (based on insider’s data and knowledge?!)   Well folks, we’ve got an extremely wise and exciting guest sitting on the couch today to share just this! Please welcome….  Eleanor Creagh!   She is the Senior Economist at REA Group (the brains behind realestate.com.au) and is a trusted financial commentator.   Specialising in property, financial markets and macroeconomic policy, she has a wealth of experience and knowledge within both domestic and international markets, and…  She’s here to share all of this knowledge today!   Here’s a sneak peek of the Q’s she’s tackling…  👉 Is the Commuter belt boundary extending?? 👉  Are we truly locked and loaded for a market crash?  👉 Will Units vs. Houses be favourable in this cycle?  👉 How do the experts identify we’re in a rental crisis and more importantly, how do we get OUT of one?!?  👉 What is a realistic market forecast for 2022/23? 👉 How much further will interest rates really rise?   And so much more!!   (Including how she made her life changing career jump, from studying Veterinary Medicine…and ended up in Australia!!)   Tune in now to discover what the data reveals about today’s market, and where it’s really headed! 🤓     Free Stuff Mentioned…  Want to be on The Couch? We’re calling all potential 2022/23 Summer Series Guests! If you’d like to share your story, reach out to Stig here (We’d love to hear from you!!).  PIPA’s 2022 Breakfast – The Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA) is hosting a breakfast seminar! The event will feature an expert panel who will discuss the future of property investment, especially in light of QLD’s New Land Tax. Click to get your tickets.   Read the results from PIPA’s Annual Property Investor Sentiment Survey 2022 here, and its official statement on its findings here. For more from Eleanor Creagh, read her articles published on realestate.com.au Leave us a Question! Have a problem you don’t know how to solve? Ask us on our SpeakPipe now. (Plus, you’ll get a free Start & Build course!)    Want to work with Bryce & Ben’s Award-Winning Team?  a roadmap to $2k per week passive income? >> Start a conversation with our Qualified Property Investment Advisors…   buying an investment-grade property in an investment-grade suburb? >> Start a conversation with our independent and experienced Buyers Agents… 
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