203. Why do we feel so unloveable?
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Struggling with our self worth can often impact how deserving we feel of love. This sense that we may be 'unloveable' causes us to miss out on healthy, fulfilling relationships, self sabotage and stay with people who don't deserve us. In today's episode, we discuss:  The origins of why we feel unworthy of love Childhood wounds  Early romantic scripts and teen romance  Repeated rejection and shame The consequences of feeling unloveable  Repetition of toxic relationships How to restore or rediscover your sense of self worth and self love  And so much more. Listen now!  Follow Jemma on Instagram: @jemmasbeg Follow the podcast: @thatpsychologypodcast    See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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Our self doubts are what is keeping us in our own way. It is the foundation for our inner critic to tell us: you're not good enough, you're not talented enough, intelligent beautiful, hardworking to have the life and success you want. When we let our self doubts take control, it often means that...
Published 07/13/24
Today on the podcast we are talking about toxic positivity and the problem with always being positive and putting a fluffy, warm, positive spin on things. Often our unrealistic optimism comes from a good place and our desire to be happy all the time but any person knows that isn't always...
Published 07/09/24
Published 07/09/24