Can you be too self-aware?
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Hello lovely listeners, We are back in your ears for the last episode of the year talking all things self-awareness. Self awareness is an incredibly beneficial tool to be able to process emotions, deepen relationships with others and self and move through difficult times. Culturally we see self-awareness as a good thing and with the huge rise in personal development, we know it is so popular to seek self-help. But can we have too much self awareness? At what point does too much introspection create dysunfction and is actually detrimental?  In this ep we deep dive into why and how self-awareness can actually function to create avoidance, dismissal of emotion and lack of trust in self. Essentially creating a self-awareness trap. We hope you enjoy! Also a HUGE thanks for your support this year, we are so appreciative of every one of you who listen, download and share. We see you and we are so grateful to be able to help at least one listener. We wish you a wonderful, gentle and fun festive season. Kat + Aimee The Psychology Sisters Instagram: The Psych Collaborative website: The Psych Collaborative instagram Please note: this episode is for informational purposes only and does not replace personalised psychological advice. Reflection questions: Why am I feeling this way? Why am I so critical of myself?What if I were to stop judging myself for my mistakes? Would I feel different?What if I stopped comparing myself to others? Would I feel better?Do I really deserve to be happy?Is it possible for me to let go of perfectionism? How helpful is self-awarenses to me? Do I find myself avoiding or trying to take control of or change normal emotions?Has this disrupted my life in anyway?Do I find myself experiencing guilt and shame? Do I avoid conflict or the perception of unhealthy relationships ?  
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