Q&A- Kiruv Techniques, Daf Yomi & Relating to Churban
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Would you like to sponsor an episode? A series?   We'd love to hear from you : [email protected]   Subscribe to Ohr Somayach!    https://podcasts.ohr.edu/   00:00 Rav address two sent it questions, regarding anistanus and talmud Torah    08:30 It is said that if someone makes 3 shidduchim, they are guaranteed Olami Habo—how does this work?    13:42 Where do the traditions for tefillin designs and wrapping techniques come from?   21:37 What are the pleasures of this world that we are essentially obligated to enjoy according to the Yerushalmi?   27:52 If Judaism is meant to be authentic, why is it that in Kiruv, we offer so many fancy trips and gourmet food?   33:09 In terms of the sun being stopped for Moshe and Joshua, it says it never happened before by Joshua—how do we understand this?   35:30 What are the different opinions of taking early Shabbos?   45:03 These days, there are often discounts given by insurance companies to women and the gender is defined by what the insured person states. Would it be mutar for a biological man to say he identifies as a woman in order to pay a smaller premium?   49:57 How could two opposite statement be true?   52:38 In terms of Tu B’Av, how do we understand the gemara’s reasons for a public shidduch day so to speak and how did times change?   58:56 How is it that Targum Onkelos was min HaShamyim?   1:02:29 Do we make Yam Hagadol bracha on the Pacific Ocean?   1:03:24 Why wouldn’t the whole world be made Jewish such that everyone would have the maximum opportunity for closeness to Hashem?   1:07:02 if the Talmud discusses 8 genders of Judaism, what does that mean?   1:08:37 Why do we accept Kabbalah today in Halacha?   1:13:09 If I can’t finish slichos, tachanun, general tefillah or the like, am I’m missing out on certain forgiveness capacity?   1:16:43 How do we relate to the destruction of the Temple if we never experienced it and why would our lowly generation be fortunate enough to have it rebuilt?    1:22:53 Why do Ashkenazim and Sephardim differ in the way they cover their eyes in Shema?   1:24:50 Kesubos is the current masechta in Daf Yomi cycle. A lot of the material discussed is about rape and other material that some may find disturbing. Can the Rav share some advice on how to approach this masechta with the right perspective. Alternatively, if learning this masechta will bother or discourage someone everyday, is it better to just learn something else?   1:30:16 How does it work that Torah is the ultimate healer but the Rambam states that one needs other outlets?   1:32:30 Why do we follow certain halachos today that some rabbanim wouldn’t have approved of?   1:36:25 Rashi in Moed Katon explains the practice of the Beis Din placing a stone on someone’s coffin as a זכר בעלמא of stoning someone who died while excommunicated.  If so, why do we place stones on graves today?   1:37:32 Why didn’t Avraham get punished for asking for a guarantee for Israel’s quality while the Meraglim did?   1:39:36 How do we view the seemingly vain descriptions of women in Ta’anis?   1:41:31 If creative acts are forbidden on Shabbos (melachos) why is intimacy permitted, isn’t that the most creative act?   1:43:47 What messages was Hashem trying to convey to Eliyahu during Har HaCarmel events?     Visit us @ ohr.edu     
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Published 09/28/22
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Published 09/21/22