What Is Thermal Mapping and Why It’s So Important [Nathan Roman]
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One of the most common concerns in GxP quality is maintaining the temperature of laboratory and manufacturing storage environments. Temperature Mapping, also known as thermal mapping, is an activity performed on temperature-controlled chambers often used to track temperature changes within the storage space over a long period. This podcast episode focuses on the importance of temperature mapping studies and why they are so critical for pharmaceutical compliance. Our guest speaker is Nathan Roman, one of the top experts in Temperature control mapping who help people in the Health & Life Science industry learn how to implement and carry out temperature mapping studies and equipment qualifications (IQ, OQ, PQ). Listing to the podcast, or watching the video, among others, you will learn about: What are temperature mapping studies, and why are they so critical for pharmaceutical compliance? Where is thermal mapping required, and why? What is the process for a temperature mapping study? What is the most challenging part of your job? What do most people do wrong with thermal mapping, and what would be your suggestion to improve? What resources can help pharma professionals stay updated with the latest regulations and trends? So tune in to learn all there is to know about thermal mapping and its impact on pharmaceutical compliance! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Watch or read the full podcast and read the article at: https://podcast.qualistery.com/what-is-thermal-mapping-and-why-its-so-important-nathan-roman/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This episode is Sponsored by Eupry, a provider of state-of-the-art environmental monitoring systems. Eupry supports the further development of a host of industries, including Laboratory, Pharmacy, Healthcare, Pharma, Food, and more, by providing efficient solutions to monitor temperature-sensitive assets. Join us on our webinars and visit our website for more GMP insights, tips, and resources. Don't miss out - follow Qualistery today! #Pharma #GMP #Pharmaceutical #Pharmaceuticalmanufacturing
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