Temperature Mapping - All You need to Know About Good Qualification Protocols [Nathan Roman]
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In the latest episode of Qualitalks, Yan Kugel and Nathan Roman dive deep into the world of qualification protocols and share their insights on writing effective ones. Nathan explains that a qualification protocol is a written plan describing the qualification process and how the qualification will be conducted. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the project and its requirements and suggests using templates or a basic protocol format to ensure consistency in documentation preparation. In addition, Nathan discusses the evolution of qualification protocols, including the incorporation of paperless validation and the need to stay up-to-date with new technologies. Listening to the podcast, or watching the video, among others, you will learn about: -What is a qualification protocol?  -When should you have it ready?  -What are the prerequisites?  -What should it include?  -And what are some common problems?  Make sure you don't skip this enlightening and captivating dialogue. Listen in immediately!  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Watch or read the full podcast and read the article at: https://podcast.qualistery.com/temperature-mapping-all-you-need-to-know-about-good-qualification-protocol-nathan-roman/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This episode is Sponsored by Eupry, a provider of state-of-the-art environmental monitoring systems. Eupry supports the further development of a host of industries, including Laboratory, Pharmacy, Healthcare, Pharma, Food, and more, by providing efficient solutions to monitor temperature-sensitive assets. Join us on our webinars and visit our website for more GMP insights, tips, and resources. Don't miss out - follow Qualistery today! #Pharma #GMP #Pharmaceutical #Pharmaceuticalmanufacturing
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