What They Don't Teach You in CSV Training [James Ainsworth]
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James Ainsworth is a software developer who started supporting businesses with ERP deployment and CSV about ten years ago. Besides the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors, James has experience consulting companies in other highly regulated industries such as Automotive and Fintech. In this podcast episode, James spoke to Yan Kugel about CSV and its essential parts, about which you don't learn in training. Here are some of the topics you will hear about: The most challenging parts of CSV are not what you think they are. The real objectives of CSV. What's more critical in CSV than CSV? What is the role of the QA in CSV? What are the functions of the CSV lead? How to manage sake holders? The reasons why companies should hire external CSV leads. Watch the full video episode on podcast.qualistery.com. Master GMP on www.qualistery.com.
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