How Does the Future of Medicine Look Like?
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In this podcast, we have with us Yan Leyfman, MD. We will discuss and ask Dr. Leyfman about his views regarding how medicine and medical research will look in the future and the role of Artificial Intelligence and Personalized Medicine in disease treatment and the future of medicine. We will also ask Dr. Leyfman about some of his extraordinary career and life experiences. Who Is Yan Leyfman? Yan Leyfman, MD, is a medical doctor and a passionate researcher. His areas of command and interest are immunology, and oncology, i.e., the study of cancer. He is a survivor of the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster in the USSR, and this incident deeply connects with his career and life ambitions. Listening to the podcast, you will learn about: ● Dr. Leyfman's Career Inspiration and His Services in COVID-19 Pandemic ● What Factors Hinder Progress in Medical Research? ● Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Future of Medicine ● What Does the Future of Personalized Medicine Look Like? ● What Could Be the Next Breakthrough in Medicine? ● COVID-19 Pandemic for the Future of Medicine ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Learn More About GMP at Watch or read the full podcast and read the article at ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This episode is Sponsored by Dot Compliance, the industry’s first ready-to-use Quality Management Solution powered by the SalesForce platform. Implementation of a new eQMS has never been quicker nor easier. #Pharma #GMP #Pharmaceutical #Pharmaceuticalmanufacturing
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