How People Like You Get Sucked Into A Cult
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How do you even end up in a cult? Cult survivor Carli McConky says it's so much easier than you think. In today's episode, Carli and the author of a new book detailing cults from around the world Jo Thornley, tell us how people get sucked into cults, why they stay and what happens when you want to get out. CREDITS Host/Producer: Claire Murphy Executive Producer: Elle Beattie Audio Producer: Ian Camilleri Thanks to our special guests cult survivor Carli McConky and the author of Zealot Jo Thornley. If you want to grab a copy of Jo's book, you can find it here The Quicky is the easiest and most enjoyable way to get across the news every day. And it’s delivered straight to your ears in a daily podcast so you can listen whenever you want, wherever you the gym, on the train, in the playground or at night while you're making dinner. The Quicky. Getting you up to speed. Daily. Want The Quicky in your ears every day?  Subscribe at or in your favourite podcast app. Love the show? Send us an email or call the podphone 02 8999 9386.
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