On today’s Finance Friday episode, Harv Eker shares the significance of being aware of our own money blueprint because these money blueprints determine your financial life.
Published 07/23/21
In this episode, Dr. George Fraser shares one of the biggest mistakes we make in our lives that hinder us from achieving our goals and dreams.
Published 07/22/21
In this episode, Rev Ike delivers a passionate talk about how all successful people follow. Though they may come from different circumstances, their commonality is the positive mindedness in all successful people.
Published 07/21/21
On today’s episode, Mel Robbins reveals how everything you want to accomplish is absolutely within your reach. The truth is, you know what to do, and you’re capable of doing it. You have everything you need to get it done.
Published 07/20/21
In this episode, Dr. Dennis Kimbro kicks off the week with the story of the chicken and the eagle.
Published 07/19/21
Dr. Wayne Dyer wraps up the week with a personal story about one of the most powerful lessons we can learn, which is forgiveness.
Published 07/16/21
On today’s episode, Carrie Wilkerson shows how futility and overwhelm can come from everybody else’s view of success. However, everyone’s definition of success is unique.
Published 07/15/21
Today, Jim Rohn shares four key questions to ponder if you want to be successful.
Published 07/14/21
In this episode, Dr. John Demartini reveals the 7 fears that can stop you from you from achieving your dreams.
Published 07/13/21
On today’s Motivation Monday episode, Lisa Nichols shares her success story, highlighting that there is no overnight success. Instead, success is a product of what you’re willing to do in the dark when no one’s looking. It’s what you do simply because it’s the right thing to do.
Published 07/12/21
Greg Reid wraps up the week with a story that will make you think twice before giving up. Regardless of what anyone says, never let another person hold you back or talk you out of what you know to be true. And when you need help, seek counsel, not opinions. Source: Greg S Reid Novus United Nations Presentation ( https://youtu.be/s8ZNb0jd7XM )

Published 07/09/21
On today’s episode, Louise Hay underscores the importance of approval in the growth and development of the individual. Every thought we think is creating our future. When you love who you are, you automatically bring out the best in yourself. Source: With This, LOVE and ACCEPT Yourself NOW - Louise Hay ( https://youtu.be/tiP6f40dNSg )
Published 07/08/21
Inky is back! Today, he shares how life's purpose extends to something bigger than us. Every day that we encounter people is a chance to impact somebody else's life.  Source: Inky speaks at Catalyst Leadership Conference ( https://youtu.be/R0WQXJN6v8M )
Published 07/07/21
In this episode, Jim Rohn reveals how to deal with life’s challenges and difficulties. We’ve got to nourish our values and defend ourselves from our enemies, not just from the outside but within us, like indifference, indecision, doubt, and worries.  Source: Jim Rohn Get Serious!!!!!! | Iconz Global Network, LLC. ( https://youtu.be/2-id_FOc09k )
Published 07/06/21
On today’s Motivation Monday episode, Les Brown explains that there comes a point in our lives where we decide to become more because we realize that we deserve more. Source: Motivation Monday Les Brown 1990 ( https://youtu.be/nXNpJy5bpKs )
Published 07/05/21
Success does not happen overnight. Likewise, James Clear ( https://jamesclear.com ) , author of Atomic Habits, believes that success is the product of daily habits and not the result of a radical change or once-in-a-lifetime transformation. In this episode, James elaborates on the 4 stages of habit formation, pointing out that it’s the small habits that transform us every day. Most of us want radical change or radical success. But according to James, we overlook the fact that it’s the small...
Published 07/02/21
On today's episode, bestselling author James Clear reveals the 4 stages of habit formation, pointing out that it’s the small habits that transform us every day. Source: Atomic Habits: How to Get 1% Better Every Day - James Clear (YouTube)
Published 07/02/21
Michael Wickett returns to The QOD Show to share an inspiring story of an admirable risk-taker who transformed her empire with nothing else but determination in the beginning into a multi-million dollar company. With this, he illustrates the power of resilience within adversity and the power of perception that can ultimately influence reality. Michael believes that the way you see the world becomes your world. He presents to us the life of a person who could've bemoaned her fate but didn't....
Published 07/01/21
Today, Sandy Gallagher ( https://www.proctorgallagherinstitute.com ) underscores that it’s never too late to be who you really are. Sandy explains that there comes a point in your life where you have to make a pivotal decision whether to settle for an average life or take a risk and choose to pursue what you truly want. She further invites you to ponder and think if this is the life you truly want to live. Will you settle for what you have right now? Or are you willing to change to live the...
Published 06/30/21
On today’s episode, Tom Bilyeu ( https://impacttheory.com ) emphasizes the crucial importance of developing your skills. The moment you become so good that other people can’t ignore you is the moment you start to dominate. Developing new skills entails having the mindset of an eternal student who takes immediate action and does not let ego get in the way. Simply put, ego is not only built around being intelligent and right all the time, but in being open to learning. As a learner, you open...
Published 06/29/21
On today’s Motivation Monday episode, Ed Mylett ( https://www.edmylett.com ) shares a powerful story about the difference between merely playing and playing to win. If you aim to achieve great things, then you’ve got to do it now because time flies fast. Now is the time to quit playing around and start winning. Winning begins in the mind. And all boils down to making a firm decision and having the will to win. It also takes this critical characteristic of a winner: equanimity, or peace under...
Published 06/28/21
In this episode, Og Mandino ( https://www.ogmandino.com ) brings to light a fact most often taken for granted. Even ancient wisdom would agree that that man is a social animal. It's been established since Aristotle that, “He who is unable to live in society, or who has no need because he is sufficient for himself, must be either a beast or a god.” Likewise, Og highlights the sociality of mankind. You can’t do everything alone because, in truth, no man or a woman is an island. Success can...
Published 06/25/21
Sometimes, life can be so unkind, unfair, and cruel. And when this happens, we usually lose our sense of direction and fall into the downward spiral of despair. That’s why in this episode, Jay Morrison ( https://jaymorrisonacademy.com ) presents to us the significance of having a clear purpose in life. Knowing your “why” or having a reason fuels your determination and dedication to keep going forward. It’s what gives you light during the darkest days of your life and further shines to others...
Published 06/24/21
In this episode, Dr. George Fraser enumerates the key elements of what makes a stunning first impression. Firstly, he explains that the purpose of creating an excellent first impression is to fascinate the other person's interests so they would want to know more about you later on. Moreover, Dr. Fraser highlights that central to your personal introduction is the emphasis on adding value to others. And you have to prove it by quantifying it in a matter of a few words. In addition, even beyond...
Published 06/23/21
In this episode, Jordan Peterson ( https://www.jordanbpeterson.com ) puts the significance of our well-being above all else. In other words, you’re empowered with a choice to refuse to be someone who bows down absolutely to any kind of system that causes you misery and resentment. In the context against the backdrop of bureaucracy, Jordan explains that you should object or refuse at the outset, especially when people ask you to do anything that will demotivate you and make you miserable in...
Published 06/22/21