Intel for Murder Weapons
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Have you ever briefly looked something up and found yourself interested the point of distraction, passing into some realm that, once entered is extremely hard to get out of?  If so, you’ve come to the right place.  In episode four of The Rabbit Hole Detectives, Cat, Richard and Charles investigate three more subjects as they chase the provenance of historical objects both real and metaphorical, disappearing off on more journeys to mine the infinite trivia of human experience.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Richard is on holiday this week so joins Cat and Charles on location from Scotland. But has the break from being a National Trinket afforded him extra time to investigate his specialist subject? Can he get one over on his fellow Rabbit Holers and persuade the Disembodied Voice to award him the...
Published 05/31/23
Cat, Richard and Charles once again chase the provenance of historical objects both real and metaphorical as The Rabbit Hole Detectives head off down yet more strange pathways in search of killer facts and wonderful pieces of ephemera with their chosen subjects.  In this week's edition the trio...
Published 05/24/23
Published 05/24/23