It all started with a broad but fun topic--what anime have we seen that left no impressions, even after completion? What are such "pointless" anime, and why did we bother putting up with them? We then talk about other things, including but not limited to why Space Jam 2 is bad and sucks.
Published 10/23/21
Remember that show from six months ago that everybody loved until they didn't? It's finally time to process our grief and say goodbye to an anime with one of the most promising beginnings we've ever seen, and perhaps the most hellish, trainwreck ending of all time.
Published 10/16/21
Bex and Kaverik return to the podcast (along with Sinrus) for their first episode in literal years -- and what else could bring them back but FLCL? All three of us think that this is one of the greatest anime ever made, and we think you can too! ➤ Link to the Discord server - https://discord.gg/vrzhhjA ➤ Follow us on twitter! - https://twitter.com/tokyopodfathers ➤ Past Episode Mp3s - https://tokyopodfathers.simplecast.fm/ Hosts: bex: MAL - https://myanimelist.net/profile/ayetheist /...
Published 10/10/21
It's time to D-D-D-D-D-D-do another Q&A, continuing from our first batch of interviews. In this episode, we discuss many important things, including but not limited to: whether creamy or crunchy peanut butter is better, how to throw the world into chaos with one cubic meter, how to (not) get into Visual Novels, and what it's like to live in Seattle. Also, a surprise debut from Sha's puppy! (this is the most important part)
Published 10/02/21
On this episode, bex, Smurf, and Ember discuss the recently released, long awaited film sequel to the cult classic anime, Shirobako. ➤ Link to the Discord server - https://discord.gg/vrzhhjA ➤ Follow us on twitter! - https://twitter.com/tokyopodfathers ➤ Past Episode Mp3s - https://tokyopodfathers.simplecast.fm/ Hosts: bex: MAL - https://myanimelist.net/profile/ayetheist /Twitter - https://twitter.com/notverybased Smurf: MAL - https://myanimelist.net/profile/Smurf /Twitter -...
Published 09/25/21
Sites like MyAnimeList are a cornerstone of the anime fandom. But why do we use them? Why are anime fans expected to track everything they've ever watched? Why do we do this to ourselves? Everybody uses them differently anyway, it's not even that useful for gauging somebody else's taste!! Well, to clear up the confusion, we're here today to explain how and why we rate all the anime we've seen.
Published 09/18/21
Let's celebrate! Let's party! It's another sub special WOOO! We're bringing back the (almost) yearly Q&A special in a different way, with each member being interviewed individually by another. We might actually talk about something this time! Such things may include but are not limited to: why trains are cool, what's the coolest dinosaur, Pokemon Cards as IRL gachas, and why people don't watch anime anymore!
Published 09/11/21
Published 09/04/21
It's summer time, but is the living easy? Apparently not, since The Detective is Already Dead. Among other things we talk about. Does summer anime suck, or are there shows worth watching after all? In this episode, we review some of the first episodes of the seasonal anime of Summer 2021.
Published 08/05/21
If spring is expected to bring flowers, then 2021 had quite the bouquet. With many high-profile series like Vivy and Megalo Box exceeding expectations, plus incredible hidden gems like Odd Taxi and SSSS.Dynazenon, we had quite a lot on our plates this season. This will likely be our final retrospective episode, and we go out with a bang.
Published 07/15/21
UMAI! . . . UMAI! . . . UMAI! . . . (repeat as necessary)
Published 06/24/21
Hey guys, sorry we're late, but it's finally time to start the Promised Neverweekly Season Tw--- oh. Oh, god. Ohhhh, noooooo. The Promised Neverland is a series near and dear to our hearts. Join us as we reflect on how its second season became one of the biggest anime disappointments in recent memory and say our goodbyes to what USED TO BE one of our favorites. If you want to read the manga (which we strongly recommend!) pick it up at chapter 37!
Published 05/15/21
Spring! The season of new beginnings and new anime! Just like every other season, but this one has 86 times more pollen! The Podfathers team up with a true Anime Addict for our longest first impressions podcast ever!
Published 04/29/21
Get on your skateboards, losers, it's egg time. The long winter is over, and it's time to discuss whether the abundance of hype lasted, or did The Promised Neverland ruin everything around it? In (very, very long!) podcast, we talk about every anime we watched in Winter 2021.
Published 04/20/21
Going into the weekend with an adaptation of a REALLY COOL GAME! Moz gushes about The World Ends With You for an hour while Bacon and Panic patiently listen. Does it live up to the hype of the cult classic, or is it another bad video game anime adaptation?
Published 04/20/21
The URL for the YouTube stream begins with "nut" and ends with "new". https://youtu.be/nutHB2XCNew Isn't that funny? I think it's hilarious. Also Attack on Titan sort of had a season finale but not really and there's going to be more in a year.
Published 03/29/21
Two for the price of one!! That's like... two attacks!!
Published 03/22/21
"Wow, Eren kinda sucks :/" --Levi There's a lot of wine but not a lot of whining over this week's Attack on Titan episode. Everyone's flocking to the discussion!! Or whatever. I was just trying to be funny. Sorry.
Published 03/08/21
Um, this episode is fine but the discussion is... unusual. No, it's fine, really it's fine, it's just... there's just... this person who kind of... let's just say he has a problem. Not a major one, but... look, some kinda weird stuff gets said in this podcast, so do be careful. You may want to use the bathroom before listening, because... you'll see. Or hear, I guess.
Published 03/08/21
It's not racist if you want everyone on a specific area of land to die just because they exist. For being completely very not racist, Gabi suffers horribly as she horses around on a farm because she is definitely not a bad person with questionable morals and a lack of understanding of the world around her.
Published 03/08/21
I have to put a trigger warning here because Bacon and Sinrus didn't like the episode very much, and apparently some people don't like it when others don't like things. They also talk about Civ for a while, which also requires a trigger warning.
Published 03/08/21
A more low-key episode after the immense amounts of hype from the previous few eps. Sasha wants to know why people are black. That's basically it.
Published 03/07/21
Keeping it meat & potatoes this time, no BS.
Published 03/07/21
Published 03/07/21
I was going to fill this summary with Hammer Smashed Face lyrics, but in reality the Warhammer Titan's the one who had their face smashed in. Not with a hammer, mind you, but with Eren's FISTS OF FURY. Maybe I could do some Five Finger Death Punch lyrics but honestly no one wants that. Also, a guy with a Monado avatar joined us this week.
Published 03/07/21