PART 1 FINALE (ft. Aleczandxr & Onimaru) - Attack on Weekly: AoT Final Season EP 16 Discussion
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The URL for the YouTube stream begins with "nut" and ends with "new". Isn't that funny? I think it's hilarious. Also Attack on Titan sort of had a season finale but not really and there's going to be more in a year.
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Sites like MyAnimeList are a cornerstone of the anime fandom. But why do we use them? Why are anime fans expected to track everything they've ever watched? Why do we do this to ourselves? Everybody uses them differently anyway, it's not even that useful for gauging somebody else's taste!! Well,...
Published 09/18/21
Let's celebrate! Let's party! It's another sub special WOOO! We're bringing back the (almost) yearly Q&A special in a different way, with each member being interviewed individually by another. We might actually talk about something this time! Such things may include but are not limited to:...
Published 09/11/21
Published 09/04/21