Winter 2021 Anime Retrospective
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Get on your skateboards, losers, it's egg time. The long winter is over, and it's time to discuss whether the abundance of hype lasted, or did The Promised Neverland ruin everything around it? In (very, very long!) podcast, we talk about every anime we watched in Winter 2021.
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If spring is expected to bring flowers, then 2021 had quite the bouquet. With many high-profile series like Vivy and Megalo Box exceeding expectations, plus incredible hidden gems like Odd Taxi and SSSS.Dynazenon, we had quite a lot on our plates this season. This will likely be our final...
Published 07/15/21
UMAI! . . . UMAI! . . . UMAI! . . . (repeat as necessary)
Published 06/24/21
Hey guys, sorry we're late, but it's finally time to start the Promised Neverweekly Season Tw--- oh. Oh, god. Ohhhh, noooooo. The Promised Neverland is a series near and dear to our hearts. Join us as we reflect on how its second season became one of the biggest anime disappointments in recent...
Published 05/15/21