Bianca Valenti: Big Wave Surfing, Gender Inequity, and Winning the Fight for Inclusion and Equal Pay
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Bianca is one of the best big wave Surfers in the world. A true warrior, she is recognized for many victories including winning equal pay and access for all athletes in professional surfing. Notable recent surf victories include a podium finish at the 2021 XXL Big Wave Awards for biggest paddle of the year, 2X winner of the Puerto Escondido CUP in 2018 + 2019, and Bianca is the first woman in history to win a big wave competition in 2014 at Nelscott Reef in Oregon.Lookout for an upcoming Hollywood Film with Charlize Theron telling the story of Bianca’s "fight for gender equality in one of the most dangerous sports on earth” based on the NYT Magazine cover story from February 2019. SheChange is the documentary film version of the story following Bianca, Keala Kennelly, Paige Alms and Andrea Möller, as they fight to be included in the competition at Mavericks.In her free time when she’s not practicing and playing pro surfer, she’s fighting for all athletes in outdoor sports, by creating BETTERWAVE an investment vessel enabling athletes to focus on "athleteing".•This episode of The Ready State Podcast is sponsored by LMNT, our favorite electrolyte drink mix. It was created based on a science-backed electrolyte ratio, with no sugar, no coloring, no artificial ingredients, or any other junk. Everyone needs electrolytes, but if you’re an active person and/or on a low-carb diet, you really need electrolytes to feel and perform your best. We drink LMNT every single day and it is our go-to drink for mountain biking. For more info and to get a free sample pack (just pay shipping), click!
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