Jami Tikkanen: The Winningest CrossFit Coach, Developing a Framework, and the Importance of a Human-First Approach
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Jami is the Founder and head coach of The Training Plan, an online program for athletes in functional fitness. Jami's mission is to teach athletes to train with a purpose, and learn to overcome their obstacles to reach their potential. He is an Osteopath, a Fellow of Applied Functional Science with the Gray Institute, a Z-Health Master Practitioner and one of the few Certified CrossFit Level 4 Coaches.Jami has been working with elite level CrossFit athletes since 2010 and is coach to Annie Thorisdottir (Fittest Woman on Earth 2011, 2012), Björgvin Gudmundsson (2-time 3rd Fittest Man on Earth) and other CrossFit Games athletes (most recently Katrin Davidsdottir and Team CF Reykjavik). In 2013, Jami was selected as coach for Team Europe at the first ever CrossFit Invitational against Team USA.•This episode of The Ready State Podcast is sponsored by Momentous, the largest supplier of nutritional support to college, pro-sports teams, and the military in the world. Micronutrient and functional nutritional support isn't a gimmick, it's a performance advantage. And now Momentous has collaborated with Dr. Andrew Huberman to develop a suite of supplements that optimize health in the areas of sleep, focus, physical performance, hormone support, and longevity. Dr. Huberman is one of our favorite thinkers around neuroscience and research-backed protocols that are simple and actionable. Each of the new products has been carefully developed and selected to pair with the protocols Dr. Huberman recommends for foundational health and optimal physical & mental performance. Go to thereadystate.com/momentous and use code "TRS" for 20% OFF your first purchase.
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