Megan Young: Being a Data Driven Performance Coach, Surviving Cancer, and Winning with the Seattle Sounders
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Megan Young is the Performance Coach for the Seattle Sounders. She is a lifelong learner of optimizing for human performance, health and welfare, strategic integration of sport science, human optimization technology, data systems, and leading cross-functional management to support winning organizations. With over 15 years of high performance experience, she’s applied these areas of expertise in various roles including Strength Coach and High Performance Director spanning collegiate athletics, and women's and men's professional soccer. Coach Young ensures her coaching leverages data-influenced decision making, contextual compassion, and tactical empathy. She has been fortunate to train elite US and international athletes, Olympians, and World Cup Champions. She is often sought after as a thought leader, speaker, and expert in the evolution of the global coaching paradigm.As a cancer survivor, Megan elevates and educates in conversations of cancer, specifically around leukemia awareness.•This episode of The Ready State Podcast is brought to you by Momentous, the largest supplier of nutritional support to college, pro-sports teams, and the military in the world. One of Kelly's gifts is being able to swallow a weird amount of supplements in one chug. And every morning, that is his Momentous stack: Essential Multi, Omega-3, and Vitamin D. If you want to get on Kelly's Momentous morning routine, go to ( and use code TRS for 20% OFF your first purchase.
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