Kyla Channell: Fueling for Performance, Common Misconceptions, and Why Carbs are King
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Kyla Channell is a Degreed Nutritional Practitioner, specializing in elite athlete fueling for each unique sport and sex differences between athletes. She is the founder of Nutritional Revolution where she works 1:1 with clients providing nutrition plans tailored to each athlete's specific sport, body, training schedule and goals. There is so much confusion around nutrition in sport and nutrition in general, and you'll walk away from this conversation with a much better understanding of how and why you should fuel for performance (at any level).•This episode of The Ready State Podcast is brought to you by Momentous, a leading high performance lifestyle company making the best supplements and sports nutrition products for individuals looking to optimize all parts of their lives. The Starretts are the first to admit that they don't eat a lot of fish in their family, so they've come to think of fish oil supplements as a food. Thankfully, fish oil has come a long way since the giant Costco bottles of the 90s. Momentous Omega-3 has become the Starrett's daily fish oil supplement, delivering a potent 1600mg of EPA and DHA in a 1:1 ratio. Even their kids take it. To check it out, go to and use code TRS for 20% OFF your first purchase.•This episode of The Ready State Podcast is brought to you by ChiliSleep. California just went through an extreme heat wave, and guess who doesn't have AC? Turns out, with the Dock Pro Sleep System, you don't need air conditioning. Sleepme's customizable, climate-controlled mattress pads keep your bed at the perfect temperature for deep sleep, so you can fall asleep and stay asleep. Head over to to learn more and save on the purchase of any new Cube, OOLER or Dock Pro Sleep System. There is an offer available exclusively for The Ready State Podcast listeners -- and only for a limited time!
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