Luca Padua: Surfing Big Waves, Innovative Training Techniques, and Being the Youngest Person to Surf Mavericks
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Luca Padua is a big wave surfer and all around stellar athlete. At 13, Luca was the youngest person to ever surf Mavericks, and has never looked back. We got to catch up with Luca about how he got into surfing, his off-season training regimen, big waves, and what it’s been like to live and train with Laird Hamilton for the last three years.SPONSORSThis episode of The Ready State Podcast is brought to you by Momentous, a leading high performance lifestyle company making the best supplements and sports nutrition products for individuals looking to optimize all parts of their lives. Here at The Ready State we are big proponents of bone crushing consistency. And that’s just what Momentous Collagen Shots help us maintain. We ALWAYS have at least a few shots in our bags and backpacks so we never forget to take them. No way you’re getting enough collagen in your diet, so check them out! Go to and use code TRS for 20% OFF your first purchase.•This episode of The Ready State Podcast is brought to you by ChiliSleep. Science tells us that having a lower core body temperature helps us sleep better. Science also tells us that good sleep is critical for recovery, overall health, and just about everything in between. Head over to to learn more and save on the purchase of any new Cube, OOLER or Dock Pro Sleep System. There is an offer available exclusively for The Ready State Podcast listeners -- and only for a limited time!
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