Travis Mash: Powerlifting, Youth Development, and the Importance of Athlete Monitoring
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Travis Mash has been strength training for over 21 years and has been working with athletes on their strength, speed, and athletic performance for over 15 years. Travis has worked with athletes and non-athletes of all levels from NFL and Olympic hopefuls, to 7-year-olds just starting out, to a 70-year-old senior seeking increased mobility. Travis is a current world champion in powerlifting and has held the all-time pound-for-pound world record.We talk to Travis about his career path, the importance of athlete monitoring, youth development, and his love of the flywheel.•This episode of The Ready State Podcast is brought to you by Sleepme. Did you know you can turn the temperature up on your Doc Pro to actually heat up your bed in the winter? Juliet changes her whole routine during the cold months so that she can hop into a super toasty bed in the evening. She then programs it to adjust back down to her sleeping temperature during the night and a warm wake in the morning. If you want to crack the code on your sleep routine this winter, head over to to learn more and save on the purchase of any new Cube, OOLER or Dock Pro Sleep System. Take advantage of our exclusive discount and wake up warm and refreshed, everyday!
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