HHHK 381: Gentle Birthing & the Role of Hormonal Physiology During Labour with Dr. Sarah Buckley
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Dr. Sarah Buckley really need no introduction but for those of you who are yet to come across her work, she is a New Zealand-trained family physician with additional qualifications in obstetrics and family planning. She is the mother of four home-born children, and currently combines motherhood with her work as a writer on pregnancy, birth and parenting. Her book, Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering has played a huge role in my life and today we really just touch the surface of Sarah’s work, exploring oxytocin and just how importance our hormone physiology is during labour. This is an incredible episode that takes a deep dive into birth as a neuro-psycho-social event and allows us to consider how this can continue to motherhood and beyond.  Head to https://www.stephlowe.com/podcasts/381 for show notes, episode transcripts and more.
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