Daniella Moyles on Her Voyage of Self Discovery
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For this week’s Real Health, I’m joined by someone who seemed to have it all. She was a model and TV and radio presenter but then decided to leave it all behind to backpack around the world for two years. In that time, only by leaving it all behind did she find true freedom and happiness which she has now chronicled in her best-selling debut book, Jump. Daniella Moyles spoke to me about finding your true, authentic self, why we hide behind so many masks in our daily lives and why keeping busy is not the answer to modern life. Stay healthy and safe and keep in touch with me for daily postings on Instagram and Twitter @KarlHenryPT. Don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe to the show on Apple, Spotify, YouTube or wherever you get your podcasts from. For more episodes, tips and advice from the show just go to: https://www.independent.ie/podcasts/the-real-health-podcast/ The Real Health podcast is in association with Laya Healthcare.
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