Assessment Innovation 2022
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I'm finally back in Scotland after a summer of much travelling, so normal service is now resumed, and the podcast is back into its regular rhythm of two new shows a week. Assessment and selection continue to be an area of debate, investment and technological innovation. So what has been happening in the space over the last 12 months, and more importantly, what is working? It is my great pleasure to welcome Netherlands-based consultant Bas van de Haterd back to the show as my guest this week. Bas has been on the podcast a few times discussing new thinking in assessment and runs an awards program for innovation in assessment. His 2022 awards have just been judged, and he joins us to update us on what is working and discuss the different approaches the shortlisted organisations have taken. In the interview, we discuss: The current state of the market Innovation in assessment and selection Increasing diversity by selecting on quality Engagement, motivation and stress resilience Cynicism and the importance of results and ROI Open hiring - innovating by having no assessment Neuroscience and brain-based assessment Reducing attrition Skills versus experience The importance of using the right tools How will assessment techniques and technologies develop in the future? Listen to this podcast on Apple Podcasts.
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