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Are you wondering how Kasey ended up at Google? Or why Karli started the viral Instagram @goodhumansonly? In this episode, we’re giving you the dish about the traditional and not-so-traditional job paths that have rerouted us to where we are now. Tune in to hear what we've learned from our (sometimes short) career ventures, how to care less about what other people think, and our BEST advice for following your passions—because there's no better time than NOW to share your unique talents.
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This week, Kasey is the hostess with the mostess for her first solo chat on The Reroute podcast! She’s opening up & answering the questions you submitted on the @the.reroute Instagram stories. In this episode, hear what Kasey wishes everyone knew about the reality of being a person with...
Published 07/14/21
As the CEO of Magic Leap, Peggy Johnson is breaking barriers as a leading woman in the tech industry. But, she wasn’t always on the road to CEO (let alone engineering). In this episode, Peggy shares about the accidental mentorship that rerouted her life, what it was like being a woman in...
Published 07/07/21
One of the main goals of The Reroute podcast is to show that life is not always perfect—and this week, Kasey & Karli are having a REAL conversation about some of their sisterly tensions. In this episode, they’re answering a question from Ask Karli on @goodhumansonly’s Instagram, opening up...
Published 06/24/21