Supplements in Modern Medicine: Blending Nutrients & Technology with Dr. Yoshi Rahm
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Dr. Yoshi Ram is a board-certified osteopathic family physician with expertise in integrative and holistic medicine. On this episode, he dives deep into the world of supplements, demystifying the complexities of choosing the right form—be it tablets, capsules, IVs, or suppositories. Dr. Yoshi also shares his profound insights on how supplements can enhance a healthy lifestyle, but not replace it, emphasizing essential, cost-free habits to adopt before considering supplementation. He and Dr. Mindy also explore the transformative EBOO ozone therapy and Methylene Blue treatment, highlighting their incredible benefits. Whether you're a health professional or someone seeking better wellness solutions, this episode offers a masterclass in supplements and integrative health practices. To view full show notes, more information on our guests, resources mentioned in the episode, discount codes, transcripts, and more, visit Dr. Yoshi Rahm founded Oasis Family Medicine in the greater Los Angeles area in 2011, where they have since served patients a wide variety of complex medical conditions in a compassionate and effective manner combining the best of allopathic western medicine in conjunction with an integrative and holistic healing approach to serve those locally as well as across the U.S and internationally.  Oasis Family Medicine is always striving to improve and since 2020 they have enjoyed being on the cutting edge of using EBOO as a therapeutic modality, having done almost 2,000 EBOO sessions for patients, giving him a unique ability to speak to the clinical realities of EBOO.  They are also running an UBI, Ozone, and Methylene Blue study currently and he has launched his L.I.V.E Method which stands for Longevity Ignited, Vitality Empowered – to unleash ageless vitality.& Check out our fasting membership at Please note our medical disclaimer.
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