The Impact of Diet on Hormones & How Seed Cycling Helps with Kaya & Yasmin of Beeya
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Delve into the fascinating world of seed cycling with Yasmin and Kaya, the co-founders of Beeya, a wellness company dedicated to natural, food-based solutions for hormonal imbalances. In this episode they explain how incorporating flax, pumpkin, sesame, and sunflower seeds into your diet can serve as hormonal medicine, supporting the balance of estrogen and progesterone throughout different phases of a woman's life. Whether you're menstruating, perimenopausal, or postmenopausal, this insightful discussion reveals how seed cycling can enhance mood, energy, and sleep.  To view full show notes, more information on our guests, resources mentioned in the episode, discount codes, transcripts, and more, visit Yasmin Nouri and Kaya Purohit are co-founders of Beeya, a wellness company helping women overcome hormonal imbalances using natural, food-based solutions and deep education about the impact of lifestyle on total body health. Inspired by their own struggles and seed-cycling journeys, Beeya is a simple way to support hormones and help women revolutionize their own health through all life stages. Check out our fasting membership at Please note our medical disclaimer.
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