The test that changed my relationship with Tim 💗
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Let’s unpack the 5 love languages, why they are so important and why the ‘love languages’ test changed everything for Tim & I 💗 I thought I knew exactly how Tim gave and received love until this test and in this ep I get raw about what it made us both realise and the conversation it opened up for us! Whether you are in a relationship or not - this concept is something everyone needs to know…  You can take the love languages test here. If you are wanting to have your dilemma answered on the poddy, make sure you DM our poddy Instagram, click here.  You can find our website here.  You can join our Facebook group here.  Click here to find out more information about the Rise and Conquer Project, our 7 week self-development and manifesting course.
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Published 12/08/22
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Published 12/08/22
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