The Super League War - Chapter Twenty-Eight - Chapeltown Road (Part 2)
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English two of 'Chapeltown Road' the RLD discusses Engl rugby league in the 1980s. financial peril, expansion plans and at times lack thereof, teams in London, Kent and Carlisle, Australian imports, the bizarre history of the Golden Boot award, the legendary Wigan teams, Chorley, the need for structural change, Cliff Richard, The 'Framing the Future' report and much, much more!   See for privacy and opt-out information.
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To conclude our English miniseries, Michael is joined by the legendary Professor Tony Collins for an expansive look at the RFL's road to Super League, and the fallout afterwards.    See for privacy and opt-out information.
Published 07/07/21
As a companion piece to our Chapeltown Road chapter of the Super League War, Michael chats to British labour historian Anthony Broxton about Thatcherism, striking miners, economic depression and how it all relates to Rugby League in England. Go to for more of...
Published 07/05/21
The RFL receives a mammoth offer to defect to Super League, the ARL begs them to stay, clubs unanimously agree to the switch, then immediately revolt over proposed mergers, fans mobilise with the publication 'Merging on the Ridiculous', the ARL makes a hypocritical raid on English players ... all...
Published 06/27/21