The First Ever Fantasy Rum Draft: John vs. Will
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Note: After you listen, go to to help us determine the winner! We’ve got something quite different for you this week. In the spirit of the start of fantasy football season, we did the nerdiest thing we’ve ever done in Rumcast history—a fantasy rum draft! We competed head-to-head to “draft” rums from the selection of a single online liquor store for 11 different rum categories. The goal? To create the superior “desert island” rum bar. Now, we need you to determine which of us did the best job. Have a listen, and then head to to help us determine the winner! We "drafted" rums for the following categories from a selection of 173 rums currently available at Pike's Liquors: Unaged Lightly Aged (1-4 Years) Aged (5-14 Years) Long Aged (15+ Years) Cane Juice Unaged Cane Juice Aged (Any Length) Multi-Country Blend Non-Caribbean Non-Caribbean Overproof 100% Column 100% Pot P.S. Did you know you can support The Rumcast on Patreon now and get bonus episodes, happy hours, and more? You can! Head to to check it out.
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