Brodie’s thoughts behind widespread misinformation
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Inspired by a chapter in the upcoming run smarter book. Brodie chats about the spread of misinformation and misconceptions.  Searching on the internet, it is common to come across FADs, gimmicks, false claims ad outdated advice. In addition, asking for advice on social media results in a wide variety of responses. Some that contradict one another. But why? Brodie covers 6 reasons why he believes this exists.  Become a patron! Receive Run Smarter Emails Book a FREE Injury chat with Brodie Run Smarter App IOS or Android  Podcast Facebook group Run Smarter Course with code 'PODCAST' for 3-day free trial.
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In today's episode, Brodie reviews a 2019 paper titled 'World-Class Long-Distance Running Performances Are Best Predicted by Volume of Easy Runs and Deliberate Practice of Short-Interval and Tempo Runs'.  This paper examines world-class athletes and their training habits in a 10-week lead-up to...
Published 01/23/22
This episode is dedicated to those who have been struggling with minor, yet stubborn symptoms. Brodie consults a lot of injured runners who are puzzled when their injury doesn't get worse but isn't getting better. We uncover the troubleshooting and reasons behind injuries getting stuck in limbo...
Published 01/20/22
Published 01/20/22