Compartment Syndrome: Signs, Symptoms, Risk factors & Treatment
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On today's episode Brodie talks about all things Compartment Syndrome. It is a running-related injury that is less commonly discussed and poorly understood.
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On today's episode, Brodie discusses certain principles to indicate if an injury will get better on its own. Brodie firstly talks about general injury leads to do initially do a mild injury vs a major injury. Then, Brodie talks about 5 things that can go wrong when injured that might result in...
Published 10/14/21
Coach Claire Bartholic wasn’t always a runner.  She started running in her mid-30s simply to get in shape for her high school reunion. She caught the running bug and finished her first marathon at age 38 in a respectable 4:02 and was immediately hooked.   With dedicated coaching and training,...
Published 10/10/21
My interview today is with Dr. David Meyer who is a PT and the former medical & rehabilitation coordinator for the St Louis Cardinals. He is also the author of 'Injured to Elite: A guide to empowering yourself to transform your life after running'. On today's episode David talks about his...
Published 10/07/21