Breathing to reduce pain & increase performance with Dr. Amy Novotny
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Dr. Amy Novotny is the owner of the PABR Institute which uses a holistic approach through breathing and body awareness techniques to restore body movement and relieve pain. Today, we dive into the interwoven relationship between your breathing, your nervous system, acute pain, chronic pain, running injuries and running performance. We also answer your patron questions including: What are some different breathing strategies if running in pain vs not running and in pain? Is nasal breathing beneficial, or does it limit oxygen uptake? What can I do if I get side stitches when running? Whether you are injured, or would like to increase your running performance, you'll have plenty of take-aways from this episode. Email Amy: [email protected] Or visit Amy's website, facebook or instagram Become a patron! Receive Run Smarter Emails Book a FREE Injury chat with Brodie Run Smarter App IOS or Android  Podcast Facebook group Run Smarter Course with code 'PODCAST' for 3-day free trial.
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