The mental hurdle from injured to athlete with Dr. David Meyer
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My interview today is with Dr. David Meyer who is a PT and the former medical & rehabilitation coordinator for the St Louis Cardinals. He is also the author of 'Injured to Elite: A guide to empowering yourself to transform your life after running'. On today's episode David talks about his past working with high-profile athletes and the common mindsets, beliefs and mental limitations that were holding them back from full recovery. We then turn our attention to recreational runners and the lessons they should learn about pain and what recovery strategies they need to develop in order to achieve a full recovery.  Whether you are injured or not, you'll learn some key components to injury prevention, mental resiliency and how to overcome any future injuries.  Be sure to listen to David's own podcast: The Injured to elite podcast.  Click here to check out the book: Injured to Athlete.  Follow David on instagram or email him [email protected]  Become a patron! Receive Run Smarter Emails Book a FREE Injury chat with Brodie Run Smarter App IOS or Android  Podcast Facebook group Run Smarter Course with code 'PODCAST' for 3-day free trial.
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